Next business destination in Bangladesh


Crucial issues for any market penetration either with a new or even a highly established product means an unhindered and continuous state of the art promotion and dissemination vehicle followed by trade shows, trade exhibitions now a days over the whole world. Active participation as well as direct handling of the major customer segments has important influences on the lifespan of any triggered corner.


Cost reduction and with that a wider use of new and innovative technology can be achieved by a prolongation of the intelligent introduction of any product, which needs to ride the correct vehicle and reaching the market in no time with certain quality standards.


The Water, Energy and Building are the most flourishing sectors in Bangladesh. The sectors are also witnessing one of the highest growths not only in the country but also in the South East Asian territory. Current high demands allow the expansion of the local industries for manufacturing, supplying and servicing of those products.


Building Technology and Discoveries are gradually taking significant portion of the total national production of Bangladesh. Few of its products, particularly the Building Product, has now entered to the international market after mitigating the local demand on top. International products are also being injected to the market offering wider range of choices to the different market strata as well as ensuring a healthy competition among all.


Bangladesh, one of the fastest growing economies despite increasing volume of population on the small piece of land as well as other limited natural resources, the country achieved an outstanding progress in gross domestic productivity.


In order to continue this accelerated pace, an uninterrupted supply of adequate and affordable Energy is the most important key. Bangladesh, in spite of being blessed with natural gas and coal as its most important indigenous fossil fuel resources to produce thermal energy and electricity, the country suffers from an acute crisis of energy - both in its urban and rural areas. Although the per capita consumption of energy in Bangladesh is one of the lowest in the world, the country’s electricity demand, given by its normal GDP growth, has far outstripped its supply.


On the backdrop of the above ExpoNet Exhibition Pvt. Ltd. successfully developed, field tested and standardized followed by consecutive organization of its popular international exhibitions comprising of clean & green energy technologies, new and innovative building innovations among others. Therefore, time has never been as matured as now to happily declare its Bangladesh 8th Industrial Innovation & Development Expo; BIID-2017 among concerned stakeholders to hold its ever interesting show of its kind in the whole region embodies and spotlights the entire clean industrial portfolio.


Since 2009, the close cooperation between National and International cartel groups, trade bodies, government officials, business visitors and exhibitors ExpoNet Exhibition has propelled Solartech & Powertech Bangladesh & Building Innovation and Lighting Expo-BISE and now has become the indispensable clean energy/ green industrial show in Bangladesh`s annual industry calendar, and the preferred platform for government agencies and key decision makers to come together for exchange and trade..